Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) Enabling Businesses with Immersive Technologies to Drive Maximum value Creating Captivating Mixed Reality Experiences
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Arohak is a global IT company offering strategic IT business solutions and services for complex business problems in a wide variety of sectors, including retail , healthcare, finance, education, and more. We help companies overcome their challenges and remain ahead of competition by leveraging the latest technologies. We believe that the judicious use of technology, along with good design, is the secret to success

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Empowering Business -
Delivering with Excellence

We ensure a best working environment as we seek individuals growth potential with a diversity of experiences and approaches. Externally, it is also indispensable in our relations with our clients, as through a spirit of cooperation we create and sustain long-term mutually beneficial relations.

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Our IT Services are Trusted by Renowned Global Clients

what we offer

Business Shaped Services

We are specialists in both economics and information technologies and we apply our full range of talent to creating the perfect solution for each client’s needs.

Data Analytics And AI

In today’s digital world, data, analytics and AI play a key role in transforming native business 

Managed File Transfer(MFT)

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a technology platform that uses administrative controls, support for security 

Data Experience

Arohak provides services using Neptune Software DX Platform which is a next generation

IT Consulting

Technology consultancy is similar to other consultancy services the only difference is the client posts hurdles in his business

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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined.

Ask us how to replace RF Guns with Smartphones & Tablets


Make your business run better by making it run faster. Replace your old SAP ITS Mobile transactions with modern Fiori based mobile apps which runs across IOS/Android/Widows smartphones.


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